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Magnetic Sunshades

Sunshades that protects you from heat and sun in your Car

The hot weather in India does not permit most of the people to have car windows rolled down. Even the glass film with a little shade has been banned by the Government of India. So, to find respite in the hot weather, people do prefer to use window sunshades. These sunshades have gained popularity as they are good at keeping the temperature down when the AC is on, thus increasing the effect of AC. While most of the roads and traffic signals have hawkers selling window shades, we recommend that people should only purchase them from genuine retailers and distributors.

We at KK Motors sell genuine Kingsway products. Most of these are magnetic sunshades that provide long-lasting protection.

Why KK Motors?

Our products come from branded manufacturers. One of our brands is Kingsway. Kingsway Magnetic sun Shades are designed to have perfect window size with the superior quality fabric and powerful magnets. These sun shades are the best solution that you will find in India to block heat and keep your car cool. They are perfect in size and best suited for your cars. The magnetic sunshades are better than a vacuum as they do not lose the attaching power with wear and tear. We are turning out to be the leading magnetic sunshade exporters also due to the increase in demand.

If you are a genuine car accessories seller, then do contact our team as we are the leading car accessories B2B partner in India. We are an authentic Magnetic sunshades manufacturer, and we guarantee that our ease of doing business and sales policies will help your business grow. If you want to take an order of magnetic sunshades, then click on the get quote option and our team will get in touch with you. Be assured that the price that we shall give you will be the best in the market.

KK Motors: Explore car accessories with us

From door sunshades to armrest, floor mats, body cover, etc., we have all kinds of genuine accessories for cars. We do not focus on a single car market, but we manufacture and distribute accessories that will fit almost all kinds of Sedans, SUVs, compact cars, etc. in India. We always ensure that sellers and distributors have an ease of doing business with us.

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